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Our Team​

Stacy Nelson

Team Leader
“I have been with Rainbow for 3 year and I have to say its the most motivational place that I have worked. The people are incredibly encouraging and the opportunities are endless."

Jeremy Groome

Distributor & Branch Manager
"I joined Rainbow in 2013. I quickly got promoted into a management position and within about 1 and 1/2 years was promoted to a Distributor. Rainbow has been the best career decision I made in my life."

Ashley Caron

Marketing Director
“Working at Rainbow is like working for a family. Everyone builds each other up and strives to work together as a team."

Robert Powell

Office & Service manager
“I enjoy being part of Rainbow as you are rewarded based on performance. Furthermore our product is nothing short of awesome and the benefits are endless."

Scott and Amphone Zabka

“The Rainbow Opportunity is incredible. It has provided our family with a life style I couldnt even imagine. Trips, Bonuses, a limitless income and the ability to provide others with the opportunity to fulfill there dreams. Add all that to the fact that we have the most amazing and beneficial product on the planet. Rainbow is the real deal for sure."

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Happy Customers

“I've been using the rainbow in my salon for about a year. I love how it takes all of the smells from the salon out of the air. The product is so easy to use and has replaced four other air cleaners I had previously. Its amazing!"
Corleen Jurewicz
What else can you ask for?
“Absolutely love the Rainbow! Words can't describe how I feel about it. I have owned one for over 30 years! I just upgraded to the SRX."
Provi Sepulveda
The machine does everything!
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